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EB Is the teenage son of the Easter Bunny, and on the eve of taking over the family business, he moved to Hollywood in search of his dream of becoming a drummer.Hop is an upcoming Easter-themed live-action/CGI feature film from Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment and will be released in theaters worldwide throughout March and April.Feigning injury, E.Russell Brand), the teenage son of the Easter Bunny.Hollywood in pursuit of his dream of becoming a drummer.Nu EB Is gone, he has his chance.He encounters Fred (James Marsden), an out-of-work slacker with his own lofty goals, who accidentally hits E.Plot: The movie tells of E.Watch Full Movies Hop 2011


Free Online Movies Hop 2011

Feigning injury, E.Fred to take him in as he recovers.As Fred struggles with the world’s worst house guest, both will learn what it takes to finally grow up, as Fred is pressed to partner with E.Finger injury EB Convinces him to Fred, and Fred finds himself living with the world’s worst box.Fred into providing him shelter, and Fred finds himself with the world's worst houseguest.Full Movies Hop 2011

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