lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

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The next scene is one of the most brilliant of the film – Flanigan wakes up after the explosion and sees a small, mutated sort of creature gnawing on one of the politicians. He whips out his gun and chases it down the hall. The emergency lights are on, and at first we think that the scientists must have been transported to the parallel. But as everyone wakes up, the scientists are there. Okay, so they must have all transported to the same building in the parallel, and for some reason there are no people, or no communications at least. Nope, guess again! It turns out that the WHOLE ROOM, most of the corridor, and other bits of the building have been transported to the parallel. What a brilliant piece of filmmaking that kept you guessing right until they opened the door to the Endor-like Earth.Ferocious Planet 2011 Online

Ferocious Planet 2011 Watch Online

That’s the mantra for this made for SyFy flick. They finally did it! An exciting, good movie with a decent story! Parallel Earths, mutant dino-creatures, hot babe scientist with brains, and of course, Joe Flanigan as Colonel Sam Synn. Like Nathan Filion, Flanigan is one of those actors that I’ll pretty much watch in anything. He brings his trademark “dry wit in a crisis” with him and it serves to make a good film better.Ferocious Planet 2011 Watch Movie

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