viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

The 5th Quarter Movies Reviews

MacDowell and Quinn both have meltdown moments, scenes which logically have a blast of profanity and a bottle one parent crawls into.The pace is too slow and the football tends to hijack the more personal story that should be the point.Time to suck it up and finish “our miracle season” for Luke.2006 Wake Forest University football team.The 5th Quarter opened in regional release to weak reviews.A generic sports drama, it scores points for being that rare 'faith based film' to show a little edge.Jon’s anger at God about why “bad things happen to such good people” is the focus here.The 5th Quarter's Movies reviews on average broke 8 hours before opening.

The 5th Quarter Movies Reviews

.Norm for this measure is 4 hours after.If it were a football team, you’d say the kids played beyond halftime, but ran out of gas in the third quarter.
And Kirk Honeycutt wrote in the Hollywood Reporter, ".The 5th Quarter” has corny moments and creaky scenes — a couple of tone-deaf interventions are staged in crowded restaurants.The chart below shows reviews on opening day and the days before and after opening; the left side is earlier and the right side is later.Merriman is a muscular young man, but the film goes to great pains not to put the actor on the field.Click on any bar for a list of the reviews for that day.The 5th Quarter Movie

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