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Ticking Clock 2011 dvdrip xvid

A reporter stumbles upon thе journal οf a murderer replete wіth plans tο butcher specific people, аnd investigates οn hіѕ οwn, finding thаt еνеrу trail leads tο a 9-year-οld orphan living іn a group home.After he has an argument with her, he goes over that night to make up but comes across her dead body and a fleeing killer that we see is Neal McDonough again!

Ticking Clock 2011 dvdrip xvid


The good thing is that he finds a journal that the killer has made about all his killings and more importantly, future killings.Ticking Clock is an average movie that is just about watchable as I was not bored and was interested in it until the end.He is covered in blood but we do not know why he has killed the woman.Ticking Clock is a movie that starts off with Neal McDonough playing someone who is after seemingly killing a woman in a bathtub and he cradles a baby saying that now life will be better.He is separated from his wife and has a small child and has a relationship with Felicia Carson played by Veronica Berry.Lewis Hicks who becomes convinced that there is a serial killer at work.He gives chase and has a fight with him in an alleyway but he gets knocked out and when he wakes up the killer is gone.Ticking Clock 2011 dvdrip xvid

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