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Hereafter 2010 on line watch

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Hereafter is one of the most talked about films going into this year’s festival. When the schedule for the festival was announced, it featured one sole performance, and no press screenings.

Why would Warner Bros be so elusive about a press screening? Why screen the film only once publicly? Could it possibly be THAT bad? Might they be trying to prevent bad buzz from spreading fast? And if so, why submit the film to a film festival in the first place?

I have talked to someone involved who says the press screening was scheduled weeks in advance. But the information was not available on any of the press schedule board updates. So I’m not sure why the majority of press were only alerted of it an hour and forty five minutes before the screening.

I can’t answer any of the questions above, but I can tell you what I thought of the film.

Regardless of what you may have heard elsewhere, this is definitely not Eastwood’s worst film to date. It’s oddly compelling, and will keep you watching. That’s the biggest compliment I can give the film, as it doesn’t offer anything more. And for a movie directed by Academy Award-winning Eastwood, written by Peter Morgan, the Academy Award nominated writer of The Queen, Frost/Nixon, and starring Matt Damon and Bryce Dallas Howard, you might be expecting a lot more. Here is the official plot : Hereafter 2010 movie

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